Our Old Gold Machines

The year 1949 was the year of invention when Late Shri Jamnadas Gordhandas Karamchandani, a professional radio engineer worked hard along with his team Late Shri Jivatram Karamchandani, Late Shri Tarachand Karamchandani, Late Shri Janmohmed Khan and Shri Jethanand Vasnani presently Director of J.M.Vasnani Engg. Co. For developing H.F. PVC Welding Machine in India. When PVC welding industry was having no option beside using imported Brand Hurforth, Radyne and Redifone Machine, Late Shri Jamnadas who was a man of integrity, honesty and service oriented, he worked keeping himself restless and left no stone unturned, day by day the things become tough but he didnt given up and finally after hard work of 6months result came into existence he achieved the success in developing INDIA’S first PVC welding Machine in year 1950. Machine was made with his own radio engineering knowledge without making xerox from any imported Brand. Machine was made at Ramwadi, Dadar (W) and purchased by PVC Material importer Lalaji and Gurbashani sum of Rs. 2000/-.

By following his foot steps Shri Jethanand Vasnani, Late Shri Janmohmed Khan with their achieved experienced continued the development of the machine and started a firm under the name of Maharastra electronic with brand name of “SPEEDWELD”. After several years of development finally in 1979 brand name “PACKWELD” came into existence it is the result of his 63 years of Experience, Customers Support and their trust which played the important role in making us India’s Leading manufacturer’s of H.F.PVC and PP Machines. In last 35 years we have extended operations from state to national and from national to international, We have given our full efforts for retainaning our leadership, in quality welding machines despite of growing competition our machine are being used in different parts of India and Abroad Our leadership in the field however does not come from its wide range alone but Quality and Reliability are the Hallmarks of our product.

The company’ trained personnel also keeps an eagle eye on the production of individual part of Machine, since we have complete in house production of parts required for our product and and we are always being proud of companies reputation for quality. In the year 1982 we entered in Automation machinery by Manufacturing Pneumatic operated 4 Station Rotary Machine for welding I.V.Fluid Bag which was supplied to M/s. Bengal Imminities, Kolkata, M/s. Ravi Pharmaceutical, khambhat, M/s. Health Line Pharmaceutical, Bangalore and M/s. Kerala Health & Research, Kerala the next successful step was taken in year 1988 by manufacturing India’s first 5KW Pneumatic operated H.F.PVC Welding Machine which was supplied to M/s. Chetana Plastics, Fort Mumbai.

In the year 1986, our Research and Development Department concentrate on developing PP Welding and creasing Machine. And as the history says we have suceeded in this too. It gives a great boost to stationery manufacturer, and Once again our customers Support and trust made us not only India’s largest manufacturer But an pioneer in PP Welding Machines.

The co-operation and feedback from our valued customers is always woven in our minds and cherish our years of Association with them keeping all this in mind we pledge once again to aspire for climbing the ladder of success continuously and convey our gratitude to our well wishers through a small 8 letters word “THANKYOU”