Services is an important as our product. We have an accomplished team on board to advise service, and support you.

One of the main reason of our success is the ability to listen and understand a client's need, to come up with a product or product design that satifies their needs, we produce them without any loss in quality.We have our own in house systems of production thereby ensuring that customer get the advantage of a one stop supplier service. We have a policy of offering unbeatable value for money.

Even after the acceptance run in our factory, our trained service-technicians will be available to our customers for setting up the machines and for maintanance, if necessary your knowledge is as close as your cellphone you will never be charged for advice and help via the cellphone.

In House Process

Complete Designing , Engineering And Tooling Capabilities


  is a Procedure of Series and Special Purpose machines for processing plastic materials, Specialized in the welding and joining technologies. The perfected technology, the high economic efficiency and reliability of our machines are highly appreciated by our customers in most varied industries all over the country.

Our own in-house fabrication powdercoating, Tooling, Transformer winding PCB Assembly arrangement guarantees premium products. A wide range of applications covered by our machines such as packaging, stationary article or medical bags and even air bags. interior door panel or pther parts of automobiles.