Chairman's Speak

Our Old Gold Machines


Over 65 years of personal experience in the Manufacturing H.F. Plastic welding machines. We have become one of the India leading manufacturers by making use of latest in of the art equipment. Satisfied customers are our most important asset. We believe in providing the best possible equipment and related support for our customers.

Our leadership in the field however does not come from its wide range alone but Quality and Reliability are the Hallmark of our product. The company trained personnel also keeps an eagle eye on the production of individual part of Machine. We are always being proud of companies reputation for quality.

We offer the technocally advance and ecoomical solutions our customers all over india have come to expect from us. PACKWELD machines are in use on all continents and work to the customer full satisfaction.

PACKWELD has alwaysbeen the leader in developing the latest technologies and in continuing to improve existing ones.Our Engineering and production personal work hand in hand. The result is the PACKWELD mark of quality

The co-operation and feedback from our valued customers is always woven in our minds and cherish our years of Association with them keeping all this in mind we pledge once again to aspire for climbing the ladder of success continuously and convey our tradition to our well wishes through a small 8 letters word “THANK YOU”